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Friday, March 18, 2005


Who is Zander Kaufman?

Zander Kaufman is a Blogger, author and poet from Southwest Iowa, more specifically Council Bluffs.
He has been writing full time for the past five years.

What is The Empty Chamber?

The Empty Chamber was a local monthly magazine/newsletter here in my little part of Iowa started by me back in 1995. It fell through not long after the first issue. Two years ago The Empty chamber was resurrected. It is now part Blog and a website covering local/national and personal politics.

I can I link to you?


Can you link to me?

Um. Maybe. Send me a link, and if I like it I might.

How can I email you?

Zanderkaufman (@) gmail.com

When are your new books Needle in the Nightstand: Fast Times of Jarhead Jerry and The Last Ride of Boxcar Bob coming out?

Who told you about that?

My uncle.

You don’t have a uncle.

Ok you got me. But when?

Sometime early in 2008.

Your mailbox if full, how can I send you an email?

Webmaster (@) Theemptychamber.com


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