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Sunday, May 01, 2005

I’ll do what you want, just let me out!

Speaking of Blockbuster, have any of you been into a major rental store in the past ten years? Tell me you don’t cringe? Have you ever been embarrassed to rent out a DVD? I see some of the old flicks these places carry. I think it is mentally embarrassing to check out an old release bomb then it is to check out a new release. I just cant figure out why. And another thing, why in the hell do they make the isle’s so freaking small? I don’t want to rub skin cells with the comic book guy while I’m hunting for that old release that I just have to have.

I think what really is going on here is some sub human corporate domination. Get forced into a little isle and even though that film you have in your hand really, really blows, you figure it’s a consolation prize. And speaking of films, why are rotten flicks called movies and great act of God flicks called films?


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