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Monday, October 03, 2005

Anchor in my life

I’m the little grunt that does whatever. Tell me to do something, anything I’ll do it. I just ask one thing, be my friend, like me. I’ll do anything for you, anything you ask. I’ll clean your house, wash your feet, fix the stove.

I’ll drive, yes that’s right, I’ll drive you any ware. I’ll change, change anything for you. I’ll change my clothes, I’ll change my face and I’ll even change my shoes just for you. All I ask is that you please like me.

I’ll lie, I’ll cheat and I’ll steal. I’ll even commit murder. And if its not to much to ask, besides loving me just make sure the one I kill deserves it. By ax, by knife, by gun and by club I’ll kill just for you. Just make me a part of your life. I wont get in the way, I promos. I’ll sit in the corner. I brought my own bed. But if you want it, it’s yours. I’ll just sleep on the floor.

I’ve been watching you for ten years now. I sat quietly. You talked while I listened. Everyday I gazed at you. When you cried I cried, when you laughed I laughed.

Oh Anchor, it’s been ten years too long. Now your gone and married. Oh Anchor woman, be a part of my life.


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Anonymous Matt Widley said...

great prose zander kaufman.

3:44 AM  

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