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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Art of Local Politics: One Year Later

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Today is November 2nd One year later after Boy George was elected. Today in my small Iowa town gathered three dozen people who banded together to let the rest of the townspeople or at least the ones driving by the slow paced street that we are still pissed off about George Bush and the occupation of Iraq.

The setting was the veterans monument, which lies in Bayless park, a place already set in controversy. The townspeople raised 1.5 million dollars to renovate park fountain, instead of raising money for the homeless or the treatment growing population of meth addicts.

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The last peace rally I went to last year was filled with crusty old women with tree branches glued to their skull, To ensemble the antlers of caribou in the virgin Alaska tundra. This year they skipped the costumes. For the most part “Bush Wanted” leaflets, stickers and the usual suspects were king. Although I support the effort, the leaflets are counter productive for the party and the voting public.

“The right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances”

It was local politics at it’s finest. And with true local politics the subject of local politics never comes up. I was impressed with the up and comer Robert (Bob) Chambers. He speaks with a passion that nears the line of anger.

Bob Chambers

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There is a veterans memorial in the park which lists the names of all the men from the town who have died in every American war since the town‘s founding. Soon they will have to put up another plaque, it’s only a matter of how many names will be on it.


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