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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chiron awarded contract by U.S. Be afraid, very afraid

Just when I thought my fear of needles couldn’t get any worse. I read in San Jose Mercury News, the drug maker Chiron has won a $62.5 million contract from the United States to make Bird Flu vaccine. When I was reading the story the company who won the contract sounded familiar. I was right, it turns out that Chiron was the same company who last year had to dispose of unnumbered doses of flu vaccine. This is the same company who’s Liverpool plant was in such disarray had their license suspended by the British government as well as having the FDA pull their approval.

Now after a fit of panic from drug companies who say bird flu will turn into a pandemic and all the news shows make nice graphics showing how freaking crazy this virus is, the federal government has said all is well at Chiron and is free to make vaccine for the American public. Well hey cousin; that’s insane. I for one will be keeping my sleeves rolled down tight this year.

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