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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Just like everyone else

What the hell am I thinking? Do I want to be one of those consumers that fits into one of those plastic slots?
I hate logo t-shirts and I never voted on American Idol. But now that I’m thinking of starting my own Podcast does that not put me into the rest of America's baby bird open mouth consumers? Still the whole idea intrigues me. I have always had something to say and I remember when I was ten I tied a bale of wire around the house to try and make a AM radio station. All it did was make my ass red for a week.

But if I do decide to jump into the world of Podcasting I think I would have to call it something else. Thought-streaming, will-this-make-me-money-one-day-cast. It’s like public transportation, you can sit there by yourself but one day your going to get missed with.


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