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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No more free thinkers

I was paging through EBAY the other day. And I came about an auction that is offering original material for your blog that you can pander off as your own. You name the subject, they’ll write it, just give them 24 hours. Now I don’t want to be put on anyone’s bitch list, but if you ask me, any blogger that uses this service should be dropped from your favorite’s list ASAP.

People so uncreative they are afraid that unless they use a professional writing service they will look like the lame ass that they are already. Yes you heard me Ace. It’s over. You lost. Actually now that I think of it. Maybe professional writing service’s are a great thing for some of these people. I never want to hear that you defecated and ate a piece of toast in your blog again. Think for your self. Remember thought is free.


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