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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Intelligent Design is too Complicated

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I cant help it. I’m a child of the modern media, and I’m also a avid reader of science lititure. So It makes me feel sad for teaches of real science when I read about what has been happening at the Dover area school system. I have read both sides of the argument of Evolution and Intelligent design. And while I have my own views on the subject it has accrued to me that the real debate here is not wither (ID) Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution. It’s wither or not it’s correct.

Because when it gets right down to it, (ID) taught alongside evolution is no way to teach. And I know what your probably thinking, cant they both be right? Sorry no they cant. If we use the scientific theory, which sadly many Christian fundamentalists have never even heard of. It would show that in any working universe that things work one way and not the other.

There is not one other subject in any high school in America that teaches in that manner. Imagine a math teacher telling his class that 2+1=3 but it might also be able to equal five. A better way to formulate this is that almost seventy percent of Americans in a recent poll believe that J.F.K was killed either by conspirers or either Lee Harvey Oswald had help from other sources. that’s almost seventy percent of America. Yet there is no history of this fact in any text book. Anywhere. On the other hand roughly fifteen percent of the American public believe in the theory of evolution. True facts are not black and sometimes white.

I love both the Bible and Charles Darwin’s Origin of the species; that’s why I have an original 1864 copy sitting on my book shelf next to the Bible. Fundamentalist ignorance solves nothing. Intelligent design simply says that life is too complicated to be explained, and for the most points no facts to back it up.

To a child; boiling water, the starting of a car, and lightning are simply magic. When that child grows into a adult and still doesn’t understand their concepts is he not better off calling all of them a gift from God?


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