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Friday, November 18, 2005

O.J. Speaks Out and for Once I Agree

O.J. Simpson came out today after the civil suite in Robert Blake’s case ended. The Civil suite specified that there was evidence to show that Blake was civilly reasonable in the death of his wife. Awarding the family of Blake’s wife the sum of 40 million dollars.

Clearly this is not an issue of guilt here. It was found that the defendant was not guilty yet it turns out that he’s “kind of” guilty. Is this really the way the justice work? Not to over simplify it but either he’s guilty or not guilty.

The United State justice system has one shot to prove their case. In this case and in others they failed either because the person was truly not guilty or because they failed to make the case stick. I’m not familiar with the Blake case, but it’s clear that in hind sight there was a breakdown in justice at it’s core.
O.J. Simpson calls this “double jeopardy” and I strangely for once agree with him.


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