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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Leave it to the British to fake space Travel

I don’t like the constipated block of reality shows on the market right now. But I have to admit that I would probably watch the new British reality show coming out sometime next year which in a few words, fakes a space mission for a selected group of participants.

The program produced by Channel 4 out of England, will be taking selected participants which are currently waiting in the wings for a chance to go to the place they think is a Russian training facility. When in reality it’s an undisclosed location in England. Apparently the same model of the Space Shuttle that was used for the movie Space Cowboys (I want my money back) will be used as the main set fixture. Also large screens and speakers will be used to simulate blastoff and orbit.

I love this idea. All they have to do now it figure out how to fake zero gravity, G-forces, the true curvature of the earth and the unavailable boom mic the falls in front of the window.


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