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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stay at Home Blogger Mom Sued for 2 Million

Louisette Lanteigne a resident of Waterloo, Ontario Canada is a 36-year-old stay at home mom and concerned citizen who grew wary of what she saw in her neighborhood. She clamed that the building contractor Activa Holdings Inc. was conducting unsafe building practices such as oil spills on streets and sidewalks, contamination of soil and water and workers not using proper safety equipment. When she brought the matter to light, local officials brought only temporary solutions to some of the problems.

Lanteigne soon found out the sad fact that you can’t fight city hall or for that matter corporations. She decided to take her message to the internet to whoever would listen. It was not long after the site went up that Activa Holdings Inc. Slapped Lanteigne with a cease and desist letter. When she did not apologize and take down the site; the company sued, demanding 2 million dollars from the mother of three. As of now her website appears to be down. It’s unclear whether the site was taken down by Lanteigne or pulled by the hosting company.

Read EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers


Blogger Tragic said...

The site is a free account provided by her ISP - probably few MB of space and a trickle of bandwidth allotted. The only reason it's down is the site was Slashdotted. You can view the text - thought not the photos - throught the Google cache.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous for Louisette said...

here is a (copy) text version of the site http://infringements.blogspot.com

12:09 PM  
Anonymous for Louisette said...

here is a copy of the website... http://infringements.blogspot.com

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another web site has been added to assist with her legal cost it's at


My top priority was getting a
lawyer that could take my case without a conflict of interest with Activa. I found one in the big city, Toronto.

The limited quota on the infringements website is one
of my strongest evidence in the case. It will be very
difficult for Activa to show loss of business to a
site that has had less than 3,000 hits in six months,
most of which were me going in and correcting spelling
mistakes and adding pictures.

I created another website

to let others help with my legal fund. I honestly wish
I could afford the court fees. I also wish my toddler
would get thru her terrible two's without driving me
into that building with the funny white jackets that
tie in the back.

Please it is not necessary for you to contribute,
spreading the word about the site is just as

Could you spread the word about this site for me?
Between the toddler and the two older kids and getting
the docs ready for the lawyer, my time is so precious
and gets used up so quickly.

Here is a recent article that I thought you would be
interested in:


I'm so grateful that my actions would inspire you to
contact me with your kind support.

Thank you
Louisette Lanteigne :o)

7:04 PM  
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