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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Police Blame Death in Theater over Movie

Here we go again. A Philadelphia theater has pulled the movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin” staring rapper 50 Cent. The man which is unidentified was killed when he became involved in an argument with a small group of movie patrons.

Fallout from this incident has traveled all that way to my little Iowa town. Some people here are asking should the film be banned? Well I don’t know about you; but after I’ve just seen a movie I just have to try what ever I saw immediately after the movie has ended. After I saw Heat I just had to go out and rob a bank. Then the whole ruining my life and going to jail thing changed my mind; not to mention the guilt.

I’m sure many remember the backlash from the film Deer Hunter. Where the game known as Russian Roulette was featured. Many deaths in the weeks following the release of the film were blamed after; manly young males died after playing the game Russian Roulette. When you raise the fact that there is a one in five chance of getting the curtain drawn, you have to figure some of these people acted not because a Hollywood actor preformed it for the screen; but because they already had the mindset of the doomed act; perhaps not the very act; but the depraved act already in their mind.


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