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Friday, November 11, 2005

Iowa says “Not In My Backyard” to Sex Offenders

For those of you who don’t live in Iowa or the few states that have towns that are marking their own boundaries for registered sex offenders; take notice. For example many Iowa towns are now making public parks, trails, libraries and stores which are frequented to school children off limits to sex offenders.

I understand that some sex offenders are dangerous and can’t be cured. But when it comes to freed convicts or those who went straight to probation their rights endowed by the constitution are endanger of being completely rerouted. Because if it comes right down to it; Many Iowa sex offenders are banned from most of the town that they reside in. Which makes me ask if they’re that dangerous are they not better off left in prison?

It’s getting so bad here in Iowa there’s talk of outright banishment from the state. Although talk of that is from mainly yuppie soccer moms and NASCAR dads. This reminds me of something I heard in a George Carlin special. The idea was that we should banish all criminals, sex offenders and Wackoloons to Colorado. Crazy? Yes, perhaps.

Take to mind that some; not all, but some registered sex offenders were never sent to prison, instead getting off with probation which were cases of false imprisonment or statuary rape with an age difference of no more then three years. It’s simple; register all sex offenders and imprison those which are dangerous. But placing these people in their own part of town where the buses don’t run is just not right. Come to think about it that’s where most of them are in the first place.


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