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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pirates oh my! If you can force yourself to believe that

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Why has it no one in the media put on their thinking cap? Are there pirates that occupy the open sea? Yes, that’s well documented. But think about it. Why would a small group of pirates try to force their way onto a cruise ship just to rob it? Traditionally today’s pirates hijack the vessel to steal it, which is later sold on the black market hub near Micro-Asia. The so called pirates here intentionally fired machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenade’s into the hall, potentially sinking the vessel.

When the story keeps coming back to the robbery theory, it becomes ludicrous. Think about it; that would be like gathering two or three thieves to robe a small town; it makes no sense. Take to mind this took place just off the coast to Somalia. You say there’s absolutely no links to terrorism in Somalia? Check out Black Hawk Down and get a nice whiff of pro-American sentiment.

I’m sure that the travel industry, more specific the major cruse line which is running their Christmas package deal advertisement would do more business if this story was only about a group of local pirates off the African coast instead of a group of international terrorists hunting for hostages.


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