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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some People Just Like Animals- More from Libby’s Novel

It never ceases to amaze me when the whole nation is brought to light to the goings on inside of the mind of a right winged government official. As most of you know by now Scooter Libby wrote a novel in the mid nineties entitled The Apprentice. Some have labeled his charters in his novel is sexual deviants, as the novel refers often to sex with animals.

I should point out that I’m not one of these people. I have written plenty of things in the past when in hind sight I wish I had never written, so hang in there Scooter. But you have to admit it makes you think about the mind set of the National security adviser and personal aid to the vice president.

"He asked if they should f*** the deer"

….At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.

….she watched his eyes gleam as she drew her hand slowly down inside her robe to her thighs and then brought her scent to him. She let him get the taste so strong he could think of nothing else and then she promised him that everything he wanted would be his tonight, willingly, if they started right away.
-From The Apprentice


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