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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

An Open Letter to Best Buy Inc.

To whom this may concern

Over a year ago I bought a notebook computer from your Omaha store. The notebook was everything I asked for. Long battery life, wide screen and integrated wireless. And I was even impressed with your customer service.
Almost two months ago out of no where my notebook’s screen failed to turn on. This later turned out to be a bad video card. When I took it in to be serviced at your Council Bluffs store I had no problem, in a matter of less then ten minuets it was ready to be serviced. The clerk told me that I should let the store do a data back up for a only ninety dollars, which I did.

When I asked the clerk when I will get my laptop back he told me it will be mailed to me in about two weeks. I told him that I was concerned that the package would be left at my front door with no one to look after it; as my line of work keeps coming and going from home a lot. The clerk assured my that Best Buy “Would not do that” and told me I would have to sign from the package.

About two weeks later when I arrived home just after nine in the evening I found the package lying ideally on my front door step. When I opened the package and turned on the notebook I found that the computer still had the same symptoms. When I took the notebook in to be serviced the clerk looked it over and wrote no visible damage and I got the notebook back. There were six cracks over the cover and at least a dozen broken pixels when I was able to turn on the screen for the short time it would stay on.

When I took the notebook in for a second time the clerk told me that It looked like no one had even looked at it. When I told him about the data backup he told me that there was really no need for that. So did Best Buy sell me something that I didn’t need? The clerk apologized and told me that the screen and cracks would all be fixed. So I took my chances again and had my notebook serviced. The day after I dropped it off I called Best Buy and told them how my package was treated. He hold me that they would contact the service depot and have it sent direct to the Council Bluffs store.

To my disappointment in your service I found the package left on my doorstep in the rain. When I opened the package I found that the notebook’s screen and the entire top hinge was replaced just as promised. However that lower half still is cracked and there is a large amount of paint loss. This has to be a classic case of the little boy washing the top part of his hands because its easy.

To be honest the cracks, paint loss bent screws and bent corner doesn’t bother me that much. What dose bother me is that your Council Bluffs store when back on their word three times. In my business when the other party fails at the agreement and then fails to make up for any loose ends or mistakes that is when you stop doing business with them.


Zander Kaufman


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