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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day Again

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Today was election day in my little Iowa town. I voted again for the fifth time in my life and once again none of the candidates that I wanted to see get in; won, again. Some might say with a bad track record like that you might as well give up voting, in fact some of my anarchist friends tell me I’m well off not voting. “Its all an illusion man, they’re trying to make you think the people still have the power.”

And to some point it’s true. Someone once told me the reason a politician calls his or her campaign a race is because it’s a race to hide what a scumbag you are before they the voting public finds out for them self’s.
Yes my horse lost by almost twenty percent, but hey at least I got this nifty sticker.

And on another note, what’s with the stickers they had out every year after you voted? On the way out I see the trash can is full of them and have you ever seen a “I voted” sticker and though check it out that guy, he has it together, I got to go vote?
I take that sticker slap it on my anarchists friends door, knock and hide in the bushes and cry.

Democracy it’s a bitch.


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