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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Night Movie Review: Enemy Mine

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I’ve been told by a fare share of people that Enemy Mine is nothing more then cheep, Trash science Fiction.
And yet in spite of all that I just cant help but love this little film from 1985.

The film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, which is the same director that brought us Das Boot, Air Force One and Troy. Enemy Mine is simple story as an afterthought. Two beings, alien to each other and taught to be sworn Enemies, find themselves stranded on a barley habitable alien planet. And to survive must learn intergalactic tolerance. The human played by Dennis Quaid and the lizard thing played by Louis Gossett Jr, share a love child, that’s right.

As corny as this movie may sound a paper, it really is a good flick. Through this film is probably the only way to insure intergalactic peace. That is why we must save and archive this film for future generations, so when Mr. Lizard man tries to bring down the hammer, we’ll know what to do.

I recommend this movie as a Rent, to buy later.


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