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Saturday, November 05, 2005

A little French on the Side

I got into an argument today with a neighbor who is in some respects a mentally defected. “Boycott those French Frog eaters.” he says. When I told him that I was considering raising the old French flag out of the basement he became belligerent. “They saved your asses in the revolutionary war.” I say.

I should point out that it wasn’t until the past couple of months that he came admit that going into Iraq was probably not the best option at the time, since then he admits that he wishes that he didn’t vote for George Bush. Yet still in spite of all this he still proclaims that France pushes people around and they’re all out to control the world, like when a child has a tangent until he or she gets what they want. “And all those fat French bastards what to tell us what to eat.”

America is a country that is obese, morbidly obese. The French have their eating habit together. Its all about portion size. The French ideal meal size is much smaller compared to ours. And it should be pointed out that American has a deserts fetish, so do I. In fact most eastern county’s do not serve any kind of desert at the main dinner table and its not because of a lack of money. It just that many coulters see that as being wasteful. American, we are fat and getting fatter. In fact a national recognized health organization decided that their models of that average American was not helping moral. So what do they do? They add on 57.2 pounds, you know that give the working class the idea their not freaks so they can go back to work and not be ashamed.

I tell you, I would never want to live in France. Their health standards are a lot lower, their water is polluted beyond repair and lets face it; its not America. But at least they have low-carb Crescents.


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