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Friday, November 04, 2005

Who Broke Libby’s Foot?

I just cant help to wonder just how the hell Scooter Libby broke his foot, it looks painful. Did someone break his foot, did Karl break his foot? Might have it been self inflicted? Libby doesn’t look like the kind of guy that participates in outdoor activity or even gets out of the office. In fact he looks a rather pasty, you need to eat a steak Scooter. You look scared. Do yourself and all of us a favor, call the authorities, quickly! Tell your story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care who broke Scooter's foot? He is ,in my opinion, mearly a scapegoat. I have come to the opinion that all politions only become such not to help their people but to help themselves to whatever they can while they can. My beliefe in term limits only gets stronger with each election. Let all of these do gooders get a two(2) term limit. Hey ,if you can't get it done in 8 yrs. than get out and let someone else try!! With the money thats wasted by our goverment there should not be a hungry child,a homeless person, or a family living in poverty. lets help the people in our country first.than when we are all clothed, fed, and sheltered,then lets help everyone else. I met an ole timer once, who fought it WW2, that said ,this isn't the country he fought for any more.Isn't that sad.

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