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Friday, November 04, 2005

They’re Still Pissed

Today it was evident that there are still western world countries that hold anti-American sentiment. Today in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Thousands of protesters took to the street in anger of many things, among them, the nature of the United States and it’s policy’s. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez added fuel to the fire when he told the crowd to “bury the summit.”
There is a lot of chatter that the democratically elected Venezuelan president has been becoming more and more paranoid since the call for his assignation by Pat Robertson.

It’s really crazy to think that there are still people in America, fully grown natural born citizens that don’t understand that there are people, non-government official’s that hate us. And please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying to be Anti-American, I’m anything but. I love this country, it’s may home. But from time to time including right now I’m embarrassed by it’s leaders and policy’s. I don’t like what I see on T.V. I hate to see the American flag burned on foreign lands.

American is not what it used to be, lets face it. But we can change that if we only remember the future and forget the past.


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