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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Wish they were Running

Tonight NBC pulled out their sweeps gimmick, a one hour live episode of the West Wing. Was it cunning? Yes. Was it cheep? Of course. Was it wrong to use Ellen as a spokes person? Without a doubt.

I know it was just two skilled stage actors on live T.V. but I cant help but to wonder, would we not be better off if they were running? I found myself yelling at the television. “That’s bullshit, Senator!” I screamed. Yes skilled actors, But is that not what most of these black suits are in the first place?

To tell you the truth I watched tonight episode because I figured if they were going to exploit sweeps month they might as well do something to really freak us out, Like have Senator Arnold Vinick have a heart attack, And they didn’t. These writers need to get on the ball, that would have been great! Imagine the run of Google that would cause. “Alan Alda has Heart Attack on live T.V.” do you think N.B.C. would tell the news services it was all part of the show? Not if they know what’s good for them.


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