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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Almost gone- the last of the World War One Veterans

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It’s not a surprise by any means nor is it something to feel bad about. Time is coming to an end for World War One veterans. Just recently the Veteran’s Administration came out publicly with records to show only eight American WW1 veterans are receiving disability or pensions from the government. In fact many reports say that America may only have eighty WW1 veterans living right now; some reports put it as low as twenty.

Some lovers of history complain that it becomes harder every year to celebrate the end of WW1 because of our fading memory. In fact a poll of high school seniors show that as many as eighty percent do not know when World War One took place nor do they know a basic history of the event.
It’s clear; we should not morn their deaths in time, but if we forget their memory; that’s unforgivable.


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