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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dover School Board is Overhauled- Voters oust (ID) supporters

In Dover, PA voters have spoken loudly by voting out eight of the nine school board members who supported Intelligent Design. It was the Dover school board in late 2004 that adopted a new policy that requires all ninth graders to hear a statement about Intelligent Design before hearing about evolution. This later prompted a law suite.

It is Intelligent Design which has no science backing it other then saying the human history and the universe is too complicated to understand. Which according to some is nothing more then a “head in the sand” approach to science. The eight Republicans who were up for reelection were replaced by Democrats who campaigned to have the policy dropped from Dover area school textbooks.

However the eight new school board members said they would wait to hear the court ruling before acting on the behalf of the school board.


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