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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tasers: Threat to Civil Liberty’s?

If you have watched COPS within the last year you know the high pitched rattle that a Taser makes when it’s fired a suspect. Surprisingly the use of Tasers among officers is ever more common.

I have never seen an officer fire a gun or ever draw his gun. But in the last year I have seen police officers use their Tasers on two different people. That’s right here in my little Iowa town. Which makes me beg the question, are law enforcement officers over stepping their authority? What ever happened to a nice a blast of pepper mace? It sure gets you on the ground pretty damn quick.

And I understand that Tasers are useful. When a person has a knife to their throat or someone else’s a Taser will end the situation quickly. But lately I have hard too many cases where the use of Tasers should never have been permitted. Like when a driver won’t get out of a car or a person in a crowd who is non-violent is tased when the use of human force and mace could have been used.

It’s a great tool I know; it’s very effective. But when a veteran cop testifies that the initial hit of a Taser is worse than that of a bullet, I just ask that you be easy on the trigger.


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