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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Man who showed Iraq War Photos Jailed, Faces Life Term

Some have charged that Chris Wilson an entrepreneur from Lakeland Florida is nothing more then a smut peddler who’s website; nowthatsfuckedup.com is filled with photos and videos of some of the most filthy carnality that would make Larry Flint himself stand up and walk. And yet what is he charged with? 300 counts of obscenity. It was Wilson who allowed American soldiers to post photos of the real life in Iraq and the true horrors of war. In return the website gives free memberships to soldiers in thanks for their service. Some have said that Wilson's charges were coerced direct from the people upstairs so to speak.

Last month Lakeland Florida police officers stormed Wilson’s apartment seizing computers and documents and arrested Wilson on 300 charges of obscenity, which carries a possible sentence of 300 or more years in prison. Or if compared to the current life expectancy standard, Wilson is looking at three life terms. As of right now Wilson is still in jail on bond of $101,000.

More information about this case you can visit freeChris.org


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