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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Political Essay to end Political Essays

There are right now roughly 2,050 dead American soldiers who died as a result of the actions taken upon Iraq. What really pisses me off is when focus groups don’t count the soldiers sent home from the battle field and die as a result of their injury.

If I shoot someone in anger and they spend six months in a hospital room and then one day when all things are looking up, he or she dies; I get charged with murder. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The scars of war can not be solved or fix by one liners of a politician whom many of them will never meet. Do I support the troops? Yes.

But why even ask? What do I have to do with the recovery or the treatment of American troops? I am nobody, what can I do? Flying a flag and placing a magnate on my car does not do a lot of good. Another thing that doesn’t do any good is when war hawks, GOP analysts and well off people say “2,050 soldiers, that’s not bad at all. You should look at Vietnam.”

When are these people going to figure out that no number is small enough? Vietnam had roughly 50,000 causalities. And God help us, but we’re on are way there again.

Now don’t know I’m going to lay all the blame on the republicans, you democrats have some explaining to do. To many of you are trivializing and politicizing the deaths of American soldiers. A whole bunch of you protested in front of funeral homes where dead soldiers lay, that’s almost unforgivable. Yes we both share the blame.

Think we have seen the last of Gulf War Syndrome? Check out the news services on the web. Look at all of these soldiers who have died from “Lung Infections” from smoke inhalation, six months later in Army hospitals.

Why do some men seek out to destroy other men and civilizations? It’s way beyond a bad habit or a fetish....... Titanic has been hit and the lifeboats are going fast.


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