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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It’s better at the Mountain Top

I’m too young to have seen Dr. in person or on live TV but I cant help but to remember those words that I memorized in civics class. The words of a man whose time on this earth would end sooner then anyone could have known, have without a doubt come true today. I just finished watching coverage of our new president. And to tell you the truth I still can’t believe it happened. I keep slapping myself. Daily!

I think. No! I know today I saw history made. So often we see history in the making, but its often history of times we would rather forget. It is sadly so rare to see history change for the better good of mankind, for the betterment of our own better angels.

All I can saw is I look forward to seeing more history being made and to having the right to blog about it right here.


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