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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Death Penalty: What’s in it for you?

Stan "Tookie" Williams, former leader and founder of the California street gang Crips sits in San Quentin State Prison waiting to die. Found guilty of murder, now the state is going to kill him.

Williams who is a Nobel Prize nominee wrote a series of children’s books teaching kids not to join gangs and not to kill kids. Yesterday over a thousand people protested outside the maximum security prison. Claming the Williams has changed his ways and it a growing influence of peace to young black children.

When it comes to granting clemency I don’t think good deeds and kind words holds a candle to logic. The death penalty what a concept. Kill someone and if it’s under Special
Circumstances the state will kill you.

It’s clearly a violation of the separation of church and state. Think about it; the death penalty is not an ethical issue or when it gets right down to it a moral issue. Most popular beliefs in any formable religion also hold a deep felt spot for justice or revenge. The human brain has always had a need for that powerful drug called revenge. Call it what it is; revenge, simple. Don’t say that these people are still a danger to society. In the past five years only two prisoners have escaped from death row. Both caught within hours.

Leave these people alone; put them in a room and throw away the room. Because in the end the death penalty doesn’t do anything, Religion ruled the dark ages and we have enough blood on our hands already.


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