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Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulters Enablers

This weekend at CAPAC guest speaker Ann Coulter spoke of Presidential candidate John Edwards in terms that should be left for college dorm jokes and Hollywood stars of popular T.V. shows. Frankly I really could care what devil face Ann Coulter says in general. But it was an observation I made; Ann I got to hand it to you. You knocked the crowds socks off, they loved it. Many in the crowed would most likely later detest her comments, saying her comments were wrong. Funny way of showing it, after all you gave her comments a near standing ovation.

It’s not Ann’s fault, but her supporters; she knew they would eat it up. They were nothing more then enablers, and truth be told, I feel sorry for her. You people should know better; stop supporting Ann Coulter devil face, and let’s get this poor woman back on track.


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