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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Movie you are about to See is Fiction

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I remember hearing republicans bitching about the Regan mini-series, about how it portrayed a fictional president biography. Now democrats are bitching about ABC’s made for T.V. movie about the events leading up to 9/11. And I talking about members of my own party affiliation, take my advice, it’s a movie, it’s that simple.

Do movies take creative liberties? Of course. I know this movie which no one has seen as of yet, places some of the blame on the hands of Bill Clinton, wow, get over it. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie a few weeks ago and I must admit that it looked good as far as movies go. In fact I plan on watching it, rather tivo.

It just irks me that we have to take everything to this level, and by the way I don’t plan on coming back on here and tell all of you what I thought of this movie. Why? because it’s a movie, and don’t give me this garbage about how movies influence the culture of the world, come on if that where true no one in their right mind would have re-elected George Bush.


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