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Monday, July 31, 2006

Just Calm Down

I know that I haven’t posted to the rusty old blog in a few months, but you have to understand that things at the Bat Farm have been complicated. I’m in the middle of a border dispute here, and if things keep going as they are, it might delay me from this blog even more. My fortified complex here has been compromised, by undesirables, of which I am in the middle of dispatching in a non-lethal and U.N. approved manner.

But back to world news; will the middle east lead to the end of the world? My prediction: No such luck.
I have been watching the national T.V. news chains and have seen a recurring theme, Israel Vs. Hezbula are signs of the end, apocalypse and the Rapture.

It’s a sad thing to see Evangelical Christian’s praise events in the middle east. They are one step away from walking downtown with a sign saying “The End is Near.” Americans Christians have bought a Dogma, one in which its ok to trash the environment, make war and throw civil rights out the window, because Jesus is coming back, and soon, which may be correct. However Christians need to realize that issues like the Rapture, which is found no where in the Bible (trust me I’ve looked) is relatively a recent phenomenon, started around the turn of the century, much like many people thought a few years ago back in 1999.

Theologians have made millions of dollars producing programs, movies, magazines and books to back the rapture claim. Likewise when I buy a Kevin Trudeau book and the information turns out to be not as it seems, I call the book junk and sell it on ebay. Now millions of converts buying into this theory, in thirty years from now, nothing happing, millions of suckers, you get the picture.

The scary part of this while picture is that we have leaders which also believe this theory. Some of those who believe such claims might also believe that they themselves should manipulate world events to support their own conclusion. My advice? Just calm down, please, I’m trying to sleep.


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