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Monday, May 01, 2006

Jose can you see?

Today is the big day in America. It’s Mayday. Also the first organized walkout of illegal aliens in the American workforce. It’s 5:30 AM here at the Bat Farm, soon we will see if the fruits of the Latino groups will pay off.

I heard someone today talking at a local grocery store that they plan on “blaring American music all day long.” or maybe go as far as flying the Mexican flag upside down. I almost had to laugh when this person said “If these people come to America they should at least learn to speak American.” note that “American” is not a language. English is. Redneck you might ask? Maybe. You can tell each side of the debate fairly easily. Those who are against “illegal immigration” say three things: Jobs, language barrier, and national security.

Those who do support it repeat the same things. “They do the jobs American’s wont do.” “Why would you want to take away the American dream from some second world citizen?” “We all are immigrants.”

Both sides are wrong. It’s simple really. It’s illegal. Are lots for things illegal? Yes, especially some of the really fun things, but that’s getting ahead of our self’s.

Are all Americans born from immigrants? Yes, unless you’re Native American. But you really have to think about that in 1910, when America’s melting pot was heating up and the population of the United States was twenty million, immigration was the right thing, a good thing in fact. Now with the population rising nearing 300 million, it’s a good idea to take a second thought.

Fact is I’m a Democrat. And I’m sad to say many in the party would be turning over in their graves over my views. But I don’t care, nor should you. More legal, controlled immigration is good for America. Just don’t put the mouth before the food.

As for the recent controversy over the National Anthem being recorded in Spanish; If you guys can add some nice Tijuana Brass and make a beat that I can move to, I’m all for it.

Jobs American’s wont do? I wonder if Bloging counts.


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