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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why Anthony Bourdain just Might Save Television

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If you though that poker and other undesirables have taken over television leaving you with nothing more then nice memories and those little bony scraps of T.V. yesteryear. Well my friend, your dead wrong.

I had almost given up on some of the more life specific channels like Techtv, which was sold to the corporate masters and turned into G4. Which now is nothing more then a constant pimp-o-rama changing technology for fast cars and shinny rims, and flaunt the idea of being a cam whore are a real career choice. None the less, I have let Techtv die the way all good television does.

I was ready to dig another hole to throw my preverbal television set into the deep. I was ready to let another channel die. The travel channel. I knew it was only a matter of time, poker had forced it’s ugly head into the tent so to speak and there was no point in turning back.

Then on day out of the blue I fired up the old box to find that a new face had landed on the travel channel. Anthony Bourdain a New York cook with a French background, who by all accounts has as much distaste for the world as I do. I could see right away that he was not like the rest of the hacks playing T.V. hosts on any other network. This guy proudly lights up a cigarette after almost every take, this man likes his drink and he is not ashamed.

He is full of lewd jokes and sexual references thrown in from time to time, and pulls it off with taste that could match almost any New York intellectual. He has a deep distaste for other television personalities who dare call themselves chef's, although he would admit he himself is one.

Reality television you ask? I don’t think so. Or as Bourdain would say: Fuck reality television, lets eat a cobra heart and a sheep’s testicle


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