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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas of Fear at the Bat Farm

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It’s been a few weeks since I have posted to the rusty old blog. The Christmas season comes but once a year. And thank God to, at least we’ll have a good dose of fear this year to keep us warm. Two years ago it was Anthrax, last year it was SARS now this year, thank God, it’s Bird flu. And when you look at all of these things in hindsight we can find one common thread, nothing much became of these things.

I would say that ever since that assassination of President Kennedy, this county has enjoyed year after year of a Christmas season of fear. Be it the fear of mass layoffs, impending war, communist subversion or diseased cranberries. We love fear, we are a fear eating people. Just think about it. How many of these things in which he have been afraid of actually happened to you or I?

Mark my words; in four of five months Bird Flu will be a non-subject. We get so freaked out we have to buy ourselves a comfort gift and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. And by the way, were are all the parents in those cartoons?


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