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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Sympathy Vote: Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye

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John Spencer 1946-2005

Queue the music; put on some walking in Memphis, ok better. As you may knew by now John Spencer, who played Leo Mcgarry on The West Wing has died of a sudden heart attack this week. Let us remember him first as a good actor, a damn good actor.

Oh John. We knew you so long and underrated you just the same. You showed us your skill and made us not endure your personal memoirs of decent. There was no celebrity marriage or a book. You kept to yourself and you never added to the worlds problems. Might it be said you would never buy a drunk a drink?

And I say if the people of Missouri can elect a dead man; then by god we can elect a fictional character in a fictional T.V. show.

Oh Johnny we hardly knew ye.


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