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Friday, April 21, 2006

Riders on an Internet Thunder storm

I just noticed today how may weather blogs are out there. With all the online weather tools, Doppler radar, wind reports, satellite photos. You can find yourself arguing with the local weather man. “I know what’s going to happen mister weather man, I went to Jim’s weather shack.”
Take that so called master of the local forecast, beat him, feed him to the lions. I don’t need your stupid five day outlook, let alone your ill-predicted seven day.

I find myself standing outside while the public alert system is blaring in the background. With my battery backup laptop no more then five feet away. Then something that smacks from the Lieutenant Dan character in Forrest Gump, calling out into the wild night. “You call this a storm?!” I’ll tell you why I’m calling out into the storm. Because my laptop clearly states that the downdraft is moving to the southeast, away from the dry-line. To hell with your Doppler. I have Google therefore I am.

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