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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Movie Filmed in Mediocre Town

Here at the Bat Farm I have a clear view of the neighbors to the west, being Omaha, Nebraska. Which has seen a jump in movie productions in the past few years. Back in 02 About Schmidt was filmed in and around the Omaha area. In fact, if you look closely at the very first scene of the film, you can see the perimeter of the Bat Farm.

There was talk among people who knew the star of the film (Jack Nicholson) that he could have lost it, you know, in the thought factory. Reason being? “Omaha is just too depressing.” and while at the end of the film the character didn’t put a gun in his mouth, the movie still showed the dark still life of America.

Now four years later another film about Omaha has just finished production. The film entitled “Out of Omaha” staring Dave Foley, host of Celebrity Poker (which I hate like poison) is a movie about a embattled father who try’s to turn his family around by-. Screw it. Are you kidding? It’s just another movie made in Omaha.

Make movie’s where they’re supposed to be made, in Canada. Of course I reserve the right to retract this statement when I direct my straight to bargain shelf at the Costco movie.


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