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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Hook in the Fish

This Blog posting is one which I though really hard about posting and it came to the point where I felt that if I didn’t post this then it would just eat me up. What am I freaked out about? The fish symbol. Now first of all this is not a Christian basing rant, for one I call myself a Christian.

But it just seems that every time I pull behind a car that has a “Jesus Fish?” emblem glued to the back of their car I get this over whelming feeling that I’m sitting behind a mindless republican. If that’s a sin well then I’m sorry. I’m a Christian but I just can’t buy into the hype and drink the cool-aid. Intelligent Design; not intelligent at all. Abortion is it wrong? Yes in some cases. Should it be legally available? Yes, rare but legal. Do I support Gay marriage? Legally yes, morally I just don’t know. There you go, that’s my emblem “I don’t know”

Most of us believe in God but deep down many of those same people just don’t know, its ok to admit it, its healthy. We don’t need an absolute truth for every problem that we may encounter in life As for the Jesus Fish; ok, I’ll try and deal with it.


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