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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vultures Descend on Gonzo Writer: The Hacks Move In

I knew that it would have to be an only matter of time before those filthy bastards would descend and pick the literary scraps of rotten meat from the decaying Hunter S. Thompson. Its one thing to barrow literary themes from a celebrated author, but its another to use it to get people to buy your book.

Today I checked Amazon and found a new title listed under the search term Hunter S. Thompson. “Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S Thompson Versus Dracula” by Jason Andrew; I read an excerpt and found myself being robbed. Like someone trying to rewrite the Great Gatsby, it felt dirty. It’s one thing to write fan fiction from a “well dead” figure, but it’s another thing to capitalize on starving fans looking for something new from a man that could have offered us so much more.

So I say Jason Andrew; not cool. But to be fair I will offer you, Mr. Andrew another chance. Send me a copy of your book. I’m not paying for it, not a chance.

I dare you; no I triple dog dare you.

Here’s my email. Zanderkaufman **(@)** Gmail.com


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