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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Open Mouth Consumers

You know I have noticed not just recently, but for a while now, many of the help boards on the internet are just filled with what I call the Open Mouth Consumer, or OMS. People who are used to have everything handed to them, like little birds. Just check out the Ebay help boards; what’s this worth? Is this old? I’m I ok? All of this information by the way can easily searched for themselves with the simple click of a mouse.

Mark my words, this will be the fall of the internet. Not that there wont be an internet anymore, its gone well beyond the hobby stage at this point. But I remember the internet back in the mid nineties back when many of your were yet to be born. The internet was an awesome community of people willing to share and help each other. A kind act would be returned by another kind act, but we have become weak. The internet used to be full of consumers who were also providers, now sadly its become a community of consumers.

That’s why I love you tube, if you haven’t checked it out, you must. It doesn’t bring back that old feeling but it comes damn close. But with all things I’m afraid that it too wont last, great things rarely last for long and more to the point free things. Because there are those who always take advantage of a good thing, and to be honest if you tube doesn’t bow to some corporate master I will be amazed. I remember a time when I had a chance to buy Google stock when their first IPO came out, at a dirt cheap price. All I know is that when you tube goes public I’m not going to worry about my blog or you tube videos, I’ll simply be at the beach. Taking advantage you ask? Well maybe, but someone has to feed these damn bats.


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