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Monday, November 06, 2006

Out of his Father’s Closet: Why Mark Foley and Ted Haggard won’t change the 06 election

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It was reviled this week that the closet in which is kept the things that we ought not talk about is bigger then we thought, at least when it comes to those with power over the masses. I’m not writing this to belittle Ted Haggard or his church in any way; in fact I truly feel heartfelt sorrow him, his wife and children, some of which have already dabbled into the ministry. What kind of looks they will get now and in the future can only boggle the mind.

I should point out also that Mark Foley should not be put into the same boat as Ted Haggard. Mark Foley, according to the evidence brought against him is nothing more that a two-bit pedophile, who somehow got into congress.

As sad as both these story’s are, they pose no real effect on the 2006 election. If you want to really piss off both parties all you have to do is become a fence rider. Someone who says “I just don’t know what to do or how to think about this issue or that issue.”

The truth is most of these people know how they are going to vote before they even step into the voting booth. They will either vote on an issue or a principal. For seventy percent of white evangelical Christians; Guns, God, Gays and abortion are always and will always be key issues.

I hate to say that there is a real danger of the Republicans loosing control of both houses, The GOP would have to loose control of key northern states. When or if this happens, the GOP would be forced to be run from a southern GOP protocol. Which will become more radicalized then anything we have ever seen before, mark my words. Worse then even the party of the 1950’s. Which in the heights of true McCarthyism; no American was safe from the sweeping hand of God appointed fundamentalism.

Therefore there is no hope for the Republican Party at its current state of being. They say confession is good for the soul. As Ted Haggard put it “I’m a liar and a deceiver.” quite frankly I think its time for the republican party to get on their knees, or for that matter, both parties. Or anyone who dares to call him or herself a compassionate American


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Hey! Good to see you posting again. The last few times I've checked in you have been MIA. {Off on a binge maybe? laughing devilishly}

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I saw so many posts on which I thought of offering comments, but some people consider that "littering". I did want to let you know I've included you in the newest installment of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere.

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