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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Evacuation Worse then Hurricane Katrina

wild fires vs hurricane katrina

I thought it must have been a mistake in the news control room. Tonight I saw thousands of people being ushered into San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium to seek shelter. Dare I say this image is eerily close to those images out of New Orlines in Hurricane Katrina?

Instead of shuttling trapped people at the mercy of the elements on their rooftops, these fewer helicopters shuttle water on fires that seems to have no end and an unstoppable craving for destruction. Over 900,000 people have been evacuated in fire areas as of Wednesday morning. But dose America really care what these devastating fir/es do in Southern California? Does water hold America’s ear to the disenfranchised ore then fire, a gas?

I’d rather take my chances with fir/e myself, do to the fact that I don’t know how to swim.
But are my comparisons fair? I don’t know because I’m not there. I once heard that the hindenburg was the worst disaster ever. Was it? Of course not, but with the hindenburg we are left with an undying image and the famous quote “Oh the Humanity.”
Hurricane Katrina left us staggering images of a city on the edge of destruction.
What has the California left us? SOCAL you need a better sound bite.


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