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Friday, November 02, 2007

Imus now Dog the Bounty Hunter, Career Ender Sharpton Moves in

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Don Imus survived if only barely, Dog the Bounty Hunter, look out Weird Al is coming to get you. Rev. Al Sharpton said that his National Action Network supports A&E's decision to suspend the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" after Chapman used the “N” word in what he thought was a private phone conversation with his son.

I used the “N” word just a few minuets ago, yep I said its November, and well I know that is not what Dog the Bounty Hunter said. Look, I think its taboo to use the (SCARY “N” WORD) in the media. Do not say someone used the “N” word, they said Nigger plane and simple. I am sick of hearing of someone saying the “F” word, do you mean fuck, faggot, fascist? I am confused.

As of November 2nd, A&E announced it is removing the show from their schedule "for the foreseeable future".


Blogger Kilroy_60 said...


Long time, no see. Good to see you're back to posting.

C'mon by for a visit some time, eh.

Hope turkey day wasn't a turkey.


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