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Monday, June 30, 2008

George Carlin’s Last Will and Testament made Public

The late comedians will was published on georgecarlin.com which states
Among other things that he wishes to be cremated and that his ashes are to be scattered
determined by his wife and daughter and that there be no public memorial service of “any kind”, However the comedian preferred to have a small gathering of friends and family at home and wished them to play rhythm and blues music. And more importantly that everyone should laugh a lot.

the will is signed and dated by Carlin on June 1st 1990.


Anonymous Mike Clark said...

The industry surely lost a lot because of the death of George Carlin. He was among the best comedians and social critics of his time. The will that would be posted on his site reflects his call for a more private and happy setup and it's just right to respect his choice.

Today, last wills and testaments should legally reflect the wishes of the deceased. Such documents are filed and executed by good estate lawyers. In Ottawa and other places, they make sure that distribution of properties and other wishes like burial details are fully enacted. It definitely pays to have the best estate lawyers. Ottawa and other areas have trusted professionals who help their clients in estate planning.

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