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Friday, March 25, 2005

So proud to live, so proud to die

It tears my eyes that today in the United States if a child goes into school and murders ten of his class mates it gets on the front page of the New York Times. And get nonstop network news coverage. In till they have to brake for the occasional Viagra or Levitra commercial.

But when it happens on a Native American school what happens? We knock it to page 3 have a real nice feel good sidebar a week later to ask why and how. was he the product of some pathetic parents?
We don’t like to think about how badly we screwed the Indians over. No that would be bad for the national product gross. No, we want to know vaguely important facts about vaguely important people, keep the production line going. Pump that check out, feed your body and starve your brain and don’t ask any questions like why.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Golfing for Red Lake

Yesterday a teenager in Minnesota (town yet un-know to the general public) murdered both of his grandparents. Then opened fire in his high school, killing a total of ten. He then turned the gun on himself. It might have been hard to figure this one out. Every news service in the country has washed over this story. Instead the news directors clame that by covering this story they will bread more little monsters, look at the stories you have on now. How many kids are copying Michael Jackson?

You want the truth? These news directors want something with a cheep production value. Something that can easily be slapped up on the screen. You’re a bunch a gutless little cowards, the mighty dollar has sucked you in and took your sole, there’s nothing let for you poor people.

Monday, March 21, 2005

George Noory, G4techtv and Burnt Toast.

I turned on the T.V. today like most days and watched the chosen stories of the day. Death in Florida. After searching my favorite sources for real news. I came across this story from a China news service that seemed “Vaguely important” http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-03/22/content_2728125.htm

Later in the day my ass was burned once again when I learned that a very respectable network formerly known as Techtv. Has decided to change the name of their headlining show from The Screen Savers to “The Attack of the Show” What? Are you boys at Comcast fucking stupid? I know you didn’t want the show in your lineup to start with, but this is not the way to kill a once good T.V. program. Do me a favor take your line up, roll up a big fat one, as your program director is with out a doubt on some kind of low quality narcotic. And Suck that deep down into you mindless suit and blow it out your ass!

Speaking of things that burn. What’s the deal? less then a week after some southern zealot sold a molded piece of toast with the holy mother. I cant get five grand for a piece of toast which has been bouncing around late night talk radio. Coasttocoastam.com.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Speaking of radio. I’m starting to get tired of George Noory’s late night political commentary. I listen to George for two reason. How to probe for implants and to find out where Elvis is this week.

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