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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gulit is Key

Let it be said that I’m scared of Bats, even though I live here at the bat farm. We all have to live with things with don’t like or understand, some more then others. Life may be a series of events, even as I sit here with two rowdy dogs making a muck in the background, making if impossible for me to sleep. And even while my problems which I plan on keeping to myself seem so complex. I’m sure that somewhere, someone is much worse off. So to a take glee in that fact? No.

Living without guilt involves immense lip-biting. Guilt is a good thing. It’s your mind’s way to tell you that your shit has gone far enough. A none guilty mind is a dangerous thing, at least I think so. When guilt builds up and when it’s time to deal with it, you can begin to have Hemmingway thoughts.

Just west of the Missouri river flood plane yesterday, America buried one of their own. I’m sorry that I don’t remember his name. There was a group out there amongst the friends and family which find that now is the perfect time to cause pain to other people in dire need of support. You may have heard of this group, a Baptist church based out of Topeka Kansas. I’m not even going to mention their name, to which I found myself I wasted to much of my breath on.

It’s clear to me in the final analysis, when their guilt catches up with them… I would much rather battle my own demons then spend a day in their shoes.

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