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Friday, May 06, 2005

How to love to hate writing

I remember even from a very young age the love of telling stories. This turned into the love of writing. Heck I published three books at the age of six, albeit they were only five pages long and the publisher was Mrs. Jennings kindergarten class.

But sometimes I hate to write anything at all. I take a step back and worry sometimes. Is this what I was born to do. Then I take a deep breath and realize that it’s ok. Every passion is really a love hate relationship. You will have your good days and when the bad days come you just have to bite your lip, take a walk, and eat some fruit. It will come back to you in the morning.

Never let anyone tell you that they are so proud that you are an aspiring writer. Have pride say “Bull$h*t, I am a writer.” Once you write, you are a writer. Write and ask questions later. Look I’m not going to sit here 4:52 in the morning, telling you that I am or will become the worlds greatest writer. You have to face it. There will always be someone better then you. I write to make my self laugh, cry and everything in between.

Let me tell you one secret to writing. When you enjoy your own work as you do your favorite author, then and only then have you made it.

They’re Back!

Leo, Pat and the old crew from the Techtv days are back, via podcast.


Leo promises a new show every week, with new people and the old people you love.

If you’re a fan, do your self a favor; send them a couple of bucks to keep the lights on. I donated for the first time today. And I mean the first time I ever donated to anyone on the Internet.

Look at it this way. The Screen Savers, now Attack of the show, is on the air for an about twenty five minutes when you take time for the network plugs, graphics, and other stupid crap that has nothing to do with tech.

This week in tech runs for an hour or more. Plus you don’t have to watch your T.V. screen. Do other mindless crap at the same time. So really if you look at it, you should be paying for their time, what a deal. You can’t raise the dead but you can help the living.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stuck in the ZONE!

I just can’t get over how a show that is over 50 years old and in back and white can kick the crap out of anything out there today. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well if not, shame on you. I’m talking about the Zone. That’s right, the Twilight Zone. How is this half hour program from a time that Agent Orange was a just another yard product, is kicking the crap out of all TV has to offer?

Rod Serling is the best Science fiction TV writer since the beginning of the television medium. Serling was an ending guru. This is a man who could twist your head of by the end of the show. Really think about it. When was the last time you had a HOLY $h*T revelation? It just doesn’t happen to often, once a year, at the most maybe.

The closest I have seen to the caliber of a Serling is writer and director M Night Shyamalan. But lets face it; those days are long gone.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Will someone please put this kid in the picture?

The other day I submitted a story to Amazing Stories magazine. A good story, a great story. I’ve been trying to sell this hunk of pulp for eight months. No one wants to touch it. Here is the way it runs down. An energy company executive, gets caught insider trading. He try’s to escape it all that he knows. The man takes a trip in his car to get away from it all, not to kill him mind you.

Instead he gets a run in with fate on the open road. To cut things short this is a modern ebenezer scrooge story. I’m told it’s great, just no one wants to touch it. Other (Nameless) magazine editors have called this story too political for their publication. Ah, you week minded, gutless fools.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I’ll do what you want, just let me out!

Speaking of Blockbuster, have any of you been into a major rental store in the past ten years? Tell me you don’t cringe? Have you ever been embarrassed to rent out a DVD? I see some of the old flicks these places carry. I think it is mentally embarrassing to check out an old release bomb then it is to check out a new release. I just cant figure out why. And another thing, why in the hell do they make the isle’s so freaking small? I don’t want to rub skin cells with the comic book guy while I’m hunting for that old release that I just have to have.

I think what really is going on here is some sub human corporate domination. Get forced into a little isle and even though that film you have in your hand really, really blows, you figure it’s a consolation prize. And speaking of films, why are rotten flicks called movies and great act of God flicks called films?

Return of Click and Clack of Tech?

While checking out one of my normal hangs, catschwartz.com I found I sweet little link for all of you Techtv fans out there.


Leo, Patrick and a few other veterans of the once Techtv get together to shoot the breeze. Be warned if you have dial up you might want to take a couple runs around the block. Come to think about what are you doing on the Internet with dial up in the first place?

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