news blog logo The Empty Chamber: 2006-10-22

Sunday, October 22, 2006

YouTube has ruined my life

I cant make it anymore simpler then that. Youtube and its infectious videos have sucked me into its near inescapable underworld of endless videos of copyrighted clips, Coke and Mentos tricks, personal and insider jokes and that Fat Star wars kid.

I should say that its not just the copyrighted content that keeps me hooked onto that evil flesh but rather the personal videos made by video bloggers or (vloger) for short. I find myself watching hours and hours of Youtube personalities like Renetto or (Walter Paul Robinett) SeanBedlam, the music of PeriUrban and the pompusness of GregSolomon.

I found myself constantly checking for new videos, never getting anything done with my life. Memos and manuscripts destined for the desks of editors have been put on the back burner, my professional life has been thrown into shambles. I don’t have timeto watch T.V. anymore, and my TeVo is getting full. It’s by the grace of other people that I get any current news into my system. I learned 24 hours after that fact that North Korea lite a candle, when I conversed this fact to friends they said “What the hell’s wrong with you? That’s old news.” they assured me.

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