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Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Fails to Beat Obama’s Convention ratings

John McCain failed at all odds to beat Barack Obama’s record breaking 40 million viewers of his acceptance speech, which received more viewers then the last American Idol final. But did John McCain do himself a disservice as well?

John McCain seemed to come across as a wounded warrior, failing his que to introduce his running mate Sarah Palin. But less important he came off as smug, even arrogant. Telling supporters that he is not running because he feels he must make history, a clear remark made at Obama.

Commentators agree last nights speech was an “ok speech” most would agree that McCain is not a great speaker. However people hoping to find substance were left with little more then an ailing preacher singing to his choir.

Does “Palin Family Matters” Matter?

I have always made it a personal policy of mine never to attack the family member(s) of a political figure unless that person may effect decisions the political figure may make. I been talking with fellow political commentators on the validly of using “Palin Family Matters”.

First I must ask myself does that matter reflect on the public figure’s all around character. Do teens make mistakes? All the time.

Second will this matter effect decisions this person might make as an elected official? You better believe it. I’m not going to go into detail about my family’s history. However I can tell you that decisions of the son or daughter will always weigh in on the parent in the end.

And finality do matters of the personal life reflect on the candidate? Yes.
Last year while Sarah Palin was traveling in Texas, he water broke. Instead of finding a doctor in Dallas, Texas she flew back to Alaska. Folks. That is without a doubt an incredibly dangerous decision. That could have cost the life of not only Sarah Palin’s child but herself “Alaska’s commander and chief” I ask are these personal matters worthy of public debate? At least some are.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who The Fuck is Sarah Palin?

Why Can't they Answer? Sarah Palin

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